We’re Expanding Our Practice: Offices in Boulder, Denver & Now Colorado Springs

The Brain and Behavior Clinic is excited to announce that after 38 years treating patients in the Denver and Boulder areas, we have opened a new office in Colorado Springs.

Our goal in expanding is to make neuropsychological testing more accessible to our patients in the Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo areas.

As the only neuropsychological practice in Colorado Springs with extensive experience in forensics, we look forward to extending our network of doctors and brain health practitioners in the area in order to further meet the needs of this community.

Which treatments are virtual and which are in office?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted much of our practice into the virtual space, offering initial consultations, therapy sessions, and rehabilitation treatments remotely through a secure telemedicine platform.

When this digital shift resulted in greater accessibility, convenience, and safety for our patients, we chose to continue operating virtually. However, neuropsychological testing must be conducted in-person to ensure success and accuracy.

Our comprehensive advanced neuropsychological tests measure our patients’ brain function in the areas of attention, concentration, learning, memory, language abilities, executive functioning, motor skills, and emotional status. Our psychometrists are specifically trained to encourage the best performance out of our patients during testing to provide our doctors with the most accurate analysis possible: this is essential to understanding any brain injuries the patient may have sustained, identifying any cognitive conditions that may be present, and developing effective treatments.

Who will my doctor be?

Prior to any neuropsychological testing and for all other treatments, patients will meet their doctor for an initial interview online via our telemedicine platform. For this reason, your location will not affect which of our highly experienced doctors assists you; it will simply be determined by your and our doctors’ availability.

If neuropsychological testing is recommended following your initial virtual visit, you will meet with one of our skilled psychometrists in the office location most convenient for you—whether Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs—and undergo paper/pencil testing of your cognitive abilities.

How do I schedule my appointment for any location?

No matter where in Colorado you are located—and whether you are seeking head injury treatment or an age-related brain health check-up—simply give us a call at our main number and we will walk you through the next steps:

We will schedule appointments, get you set up with our telemedicine portal, and provide you with any necessary electronic paperwork. If relevant, we will call your attorney and make all of the appropriate financial arrangements.

The Brain & Behavior Clinic is committed to making high-quality, comprehensive neuropsychological care accessible to everyone, and we look forward to meeting you online or at one of our now three locations throughout Colorado:

Colorado Springs Office: Just northwest of the intersection of N. Academy Blvd and Constitution Ave.

Boulder Office: Just north of downtown on Broadway

Denver Office: Just west of the Mile High Stadium

Visit our website to learn more about our practice, or give us a call to schedule an appointment now: